Mail Art has been around a long time. Artists sending each other mail, adorned, created and sent thru the mail… now across the globe the mail art community has grown in huge numbers. I have three mail art calls posted here, from the early days of FIRE, PROTECT the DESERT and the most current one of three years ago, Ganesh which I am still receiving.
I hope you enjoy seeing the mail I have received over the years.

Mail Art has been exhibited in alternative spaces such as private apartments, municipal buildings, and shop windows, as well as in galleries and important Museums worldwide. Mail Art shows, periodicals and projects represent the “public” side of postal networking, a practice that has at its core the direct and private interaction between the individual participants. For many mailartists, the process of exchanging ideas and the sense of belonging to a global community that is able to maintain a peaceful collaboration beyond differences of language, religion and ideology, is valued above the aesthetic merits of the artworks that are swapped or created together. and thank you Wikipedia for that last bit.


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