Ahhhhh Ganesh

A dear facebook friend that I never met, was on her way to India for a wedding. I asked her if she could acquire a Ganesh poster or such for me. The idea of someone in a faraway land, such as India, finding me a treasure…even just thinking about me on their travels whilst on their journey seems unreal to me or somehow just wonderful. My friend gladly obliged and said if she had some time she would indeed get me something. So, the day my posters arrived so did a mail art submission for a mail art call I did over three years ago for Ganesh. Now in my mailbox were two envelopes, two posters of Ganesh and one postcard of Ganesh… indeed a good omen and double happiness!

Ganesh poster 1 from India

Ganesh poster 2 from India


Mail Art submission from Belgium

I might add that the posters from India were 3d and move when you walk past them.


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