Plea: a humble request Forsake: to abandon

Christine Tarantino
Words of Light
International Publishing
P.o. Box 121
Wendell, MA 01379

Fascinating. You never know when you participate in a mail art call if your work will be seen or much less viewed by others, or even printed. In this case my work was printed in a little 3×3 booklet. How happy this made me 🙂 Yeah! Anyway here is the book. It came in a cellophane wrapper with stamp that wasn’t postmarked, as is so often the case with mail art. Funny that! Enjoy the book:

The artists in the book were as follows, Clemente Padin, Costas Evangelatos, Edition Janus, Gene Ray George, Jason Berlin, Jesse Edwards, Natahsa Hanna, Perry Hoffman, Robbie Coulston, Shmuel, Tiziana Baracchi. A Plea to Forsake, 8 Vlll/Xll


3 thoughts on “Plea: a humble request Forsake: to abandon

  1. I’ve misunderstood the point. I would like to get involved with mail art but don’t know how to begin. And I’m not to keen to pay $8 for a 12 page zine on the subject (the only relavent thing I found on amazon). Help? I mean I can make stuff (art) and am perfectly capable of writing an address and mailing stuff. It’s just the mail art call and who to send to that confounds me.

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